December 5, 2022



Avoiding Common Causes of Car Crash

Most car crashes occur as a result of human error. Overcorrection, Oversteering, and inattentive driving are all common causes of collisions. To avoid being a victim of one of these situations, you can avoid making these common mistakes by following the steps listed below. Also, remember to contact your insurance company and your local police department as soon as possible. If you do not have insurance, you may be required to pay for a comprehensive car accident insurance policy.

Human error is responsible for most car crashes in the United States

Various studies have concluded that human error is the leading cause of car crashes. In fact, 99% of all crashes involve driver error. In addition to human errors, the annual report from the UK identifies 78 factors that may cause accidents. Although this list contains many contributing factors, it generally shows that human error was the main factor. In some crashes, there were multiple contributing factors. However, there is no way to prevent all crashes.


Overcorrecting is a common problem in many crashes. Drivers overcorrect when something unexpected happens. In some cases, this causes the car to crash into another vehicle or hit a stationary object. Another common reason for overcorrecting is a sudden stop in traffic. If the accident is severe, you may be eligible for significant financial compensation from the other driver. Here are some examples of accidents involving overcorrecting:


Oversteering occurs when a car is turning on a narrower radius than the rear tires. When a car oversteers, it turns into a ‘light’, unstable vehicle, with the driver facing an inside corner. This situation is dangerous for the driver and anyone else watching the car. It is the same principle as a push-button car that is too fast. The driver must allow less steering to bring the fronts and rears back to line up.


Inattention is one of the leading causes of car crashes and this is true for many things, including when you need the services of asbestos cancer lawyers Alabama. In the United States, more than a million crashes occur each year, and a quarter of those crashes involve driver inattention. Drivers fail to notice other road users and may not be aware that they are backing up or looking out of their rearview mirrors, which could result in a crash. Another major contributing factor to crashes is failure to pay attention to the road or to pedestrians.

Rear-end collisions

Rear-end collisions in car crashes can cause serious injuries and can result in long-term health issues. Although accidents can occur for many reasons, the most common cause is negligence on the part of the driver at fault. Negligent drivers are those who fail to drive reasonably. They fail to yield to other drivers. When the rear-end collision occurs, the victim is thrown from his or her seat, which can cause whiplash. This can damage the muscles in the neck.

Angle collisions

According to government procedures, angle collisions are the deadliest type of car crash. In one year, angle collisions led to 7,500 deaths. In addition to fatalities, angle collisions cause more than twice the number of injuries in T-bone crashes. The FHWA focuses its efforts on improving intersection safety to reduce these accidents. It’s also important to remember that angle collisions are often the result of improper lane changing, running red lights or failing to check for pedestrians.