November 26, 2022



Car Care Myths and Misconceptions

Despite the countless myths about caring for your car, there are a few common sense things that are universal. Most car maintenance myths were once true for all vehicles, and have not changed much over the years. For most common issues, consult the owner’s manual for specific requirements for your car. This manual is also an excellent reference for questions about the car’s maintenance needs. Also, be sure to change all fluids regularly and follow the recommended intervals for oil changes.

Myths about car maintenance

You may have heard various myths about car maintenance from car accident lawyers. What is the best way to maintain your car? The answer may surprise you. While there are some myths and tips to follow, proper car maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle in great shape. Make sure to follow the owner’s manual. If you don’t do so, you could be wasting money instead of extending the life of your car. Here are some of the common myths about car maintenance and what they mean.

Cost of preventive maintenance

As part of a four-part series on operating costs in 2018, we examine the cost of tire prices, tire rotations, and oil changes. The price of labor will increase along with inflation, but it will vary by vehicle model. In the meantime, preventive maintenance will remain relatively affordable. Here are four tips for reducing the cost of car care. The cost of preventive maintenance services will rise slightly in 2019.

Oil change intervals

While the automotive industry has moved away from recommending three thousand miles between oil changes, this suggestion was an open door for other myths. The truth is, oil change intervals for cars are much shorter than many drivers think. Here are three myths about oil change intervals. Using non-approved oil or skipping the interval is a big mistake, as non-approved oil may not meet the requirements of your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Getting service at a dealership

While the mechanics in the service departments of most dealerships do a good job of ensuring that your vehicle is in top condition, some have hidden agendas. While most service advisors will not recommend unnecessary work to increase profits, some can. It is important to challenge any charges for shop supplies, such as paper towels. If they appear on your bill, don’t let them slip through the cracks. Instead, ask them to explain the cost of these materials. If you see $20 worth of paper towels on the bill, question whether they were needed or not.

Many believe that car dealerships are dishonest but some are not. It is very important to compare all the deals you find if you want to find something that is very good for you. Car care is all about receiving the best possible care at prices that are truly affordable. The internet can help you so much more than you believe if you just use a major search engine to receive the information you are looking for.