December 3, 2022



CBD oil small business opens in Franklin, Sen. Paul attends – News 40

FRANKLIN, Ky.- Sen. Rand Paul attended the grand opening today of a new small business in Franklin, Kentucky. 

Aviette Bioprocessing is a company that produces CBD oils from Kentucky grown hemp.

Owner, Mark Loik said recently more people have been looking at health internally, especially during the pandemic, and are looking at other options besides a pill or medicine. 

Loik says CBD oil can help with inflammation, general sleeping disorders and overall feeling healthier. 

He isn’t originally from the United States, and said the community here has welcomed him and his business with open arms. 

“Coming from Canada in a farming community has been a great way to look back from where I came from and being able to talk to the farmers is something I’ve really enjoyed. And Rand, he mentioned in his speech, I think the states offer you a great opportunity if you have a quality product that people wanna try and enjoy, this is the place to be,” said Loik. 

“They’re taking hemp, a product our farmers make in Kentucky and making it into CBD oil which helps various ailments that people have, it’s become very popular across the U.S. and we wish them all the luck in the world. It’s great for South Central Kentucky and it’s not easy to run a small business,” said Sen. Rand Paul.

Loik also said that Kentucky has one of the finest grown hemp in the country because of the farmers here.