November 26, 2022



Common Reasons Why Trucks Crash


When it comes to road accidents there are few worse than those which involve a truck. The reason is simply because of the weight and the size of the truck, which has the potential to cause a lot of damage and which can seriously impact the lives and the health of other drivers and passengers. In fact you only have to speak to truck accident attorneys to really get a clear picture of just how devastating these incidents can be, and there are numerous reasons why these accidents happen. 


These are some of the most common reasons why truck accidents occur. 


Driver Fault 


In many cases we see that the reason for the accident is the fault of the driver, and within that there are a number of factors which can cause this. For example it could be that the driver is fatigued or over-worked, they may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or they may simply be driving recklessly. Some 18% of all accidents which are caused by drivers happen because they are distracted, that’s how quickly things can turn sour. 


Tire Issues


One factor which you may not have realized is a common cause of truck accidents is the tires. In fact we see that some 30% of all accidents which involve trucks happen because of tire blowouts. More often than not this is the fault of the team which is supposed to be maintaining the trucks, because any tires should be replaced when they are no longer fit for service. Occasionally however we do see that the tire manufacturers are to blame. 


Road Construction 


It is astonishing to think that the teams of construction personnel who are upgrading the roads could cause an accident, but this is exactly what happens when it comes to trucks. What we often see is that they re-route the road or add obstacles to slow the traffic, without considering the extra size of a truck. This makes life very difficult for truck drivers and we often see them getting involved in accidents because of the way in which the road has been changed. 


Cargo Issues


And finally, some 23% of all truck accidents are caused because of poorly loaded cargo. Given the weight of the cargo which these trucks can be carrying, it doesn’t take much for it to affect the way in which the truck moves, making it difficult for the driver. If any cargo comes loose, if it is not correctly balanced out or if it is overweight, the driver is going to be in for a tough time. This is why there are so many layers of checks when it comes to the loading of cargo on trucks. 


These are the main reasons why trucks get involved in accidents, although there are also a number of other reasons which can cause such incidents to take place. These however are the main areas which are looked at when the authorities look to improve truck safety.