December 6, 2022



Comprehensive Auto Insurance – isit worth it?

The first thing to do when considering auto insurance is to read the finest things in the policy to understand what kinds of damages are covered and which ones are not. Before opting for comprehensive auto insurance, the driver needs to assess hazardous conditions the car may be exposed while in the parking. If a car is to be parked along the streets of a busy city center, chances for damages are high, or even car theft. If it will be parked in a safeguarded lockable garage, it will be exposed to fewer dangers. Chances for cars parked along the streets being damaged are high and calls for comprehensive coverage to protect it.

The value of a car is the most significant factor in determining the amount to pay for comprehensive coverage. In most cases, comprehensive coverage pays out the amount of value the car is worth at the time of damage minus the deductible amount. It is not worth covering a banged-up car with comprehensive coverage because it is not worth it. The payout may just equal to the insurance cost or even less. Take for example a car that is worth $1000 at the time it got mauled, stolen or damaged by a falling tree, and the owner has subscribed a comprehensive cover with a deductible amount of $500, the highest the coverage will pay is $500. The rule of the thumb when it comes to comprehensive coverage is; the cost of coverage should be less than 10% of the current cash value of the vehicle, otherwise, it is not worth it. In essence, the reason we take comprehensive insurance is to protect the value of the vehicle from non-impact damages.

If you are running car rentals or already running one, comprehensive insurance is inevitable. This is because your fleet will be handled by different drivers and damages are most likely to occur at any time.  For an insight into comprehensive insurance, as a car owner, you need to consult an insurance agent so that you are comprehensively informed about the package so that you know what you are entitled to in case of accident or damage to the insured auto vehicle.

One other keynote is over insurance, if you over-insure an auto, it is as good as the uninsured vehicle. There are additional coverages that the law requires to be covered as mandatory before hitting the road, but they may add up to over insurance. An insurance agent will guide you through what is important to cover and with the best value that suits your budget.

If you are behind the wheels of a rented car, it is possible to ride an over-insured car, the best thing to do is to ask for the insurance policy so that you know what you are covered for and what you are not covered for. It is in your best interest to confirm the status of your insurance far ahead of time. Comprehensive coverage is important but on certain occasions, it is not worth it.