December 5, 2022



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According to a father a “big cat” chased his son as they cycled through woodland near Doncaster, YorkshireLive reports. Martin Abonyi and his son were cycling in Black Carr Plantation, Doncaster, when the dad says a “large black animal” ran towards his son.

“My son was riding about 30 yards in front of me. As we rounded a corner I saw out of the corner of my eye a large black animal sprinting out from the cover of the woods heading directly for my son, running diagonally to head him off.

“My first thought was of a large black dog as I wasn’t geared up for expecting anything else. The woods are popular with dog walkers, so I quickly looked to my left to see if I could identify the owners of the dog.

“I was a bit concerned at the animal’s intentions at this stage, but when I looked back to see if it was close to my son, the animal had disappeared.

“It looked like a very large cat and not a dog, there were no owners or other people in sight or earshot.

“The animal also had to traverse a short section of bracken and undergrowth to get to my son, so the only conclusion I could draw was that it saw me coming, aborted its attack and was laying up in the bracken.

“Pet dogs simply don’t do that. The cover was not that dense so it must have been hiding well. I only told him later when we were out of the woods so not to cause alarm, but he was quite shook up when I told him.”

The father apparently returned to the woods with a ‘big cat investigator’ in the days after the incident, reportedly finding an animal scrape and “what looked like a large cat paw left in fresh earth about 100 yards away from the original sighting”. Another member of the public claims to have seen a large cat in the same area on Saturday 22 May, four days after Martin’s incident.