December 5, 2022



High cost of Charlottetown transportation corridor leads to timeline change

Phase 1 of the Charlottetown Perimeter Highway Active Transportation Corridor will be split into two years due to the tender bid being higher than anticipated, according to the chair of environment and sustainability for Charlottetown. 

Coun. Terry MacLeod describes the project as a way to reduce the carbon footprint and help connect the corridors and paths throughout the city — making cycling a much more favourable mode of transportation. 

“This will make cycling much more available to get around the city without having to run out of lane,” said MacLeod.

“This is definitely going to connect the dots so that people can really enjoy some of the other pathways … and we can connect these other small pathways to the major active transportation corridors so that people can get around.” 

It’s all part of the active transportation plan, he said.  

“The project came in over budget so we’re not spending any more money than what we forecasted but we’re going to break the project into two years,” said MacLeod.

“Phase 1 is going to be partly started this year and we’ll reapply for the funding from the Active Transportation Fund, along with our capital budget money and we’ll finish Phase 1 next year.” 

‘I can’t wait for it to start’

Charlottetown City Council voted to extend Phase 1 during its monthly council meeting on Tuesday night. 

MacLeod said Island Coastal was awarded the tender. He said Phase 1 will cost around $1.6 million in total — about $1 million of that will be spent this year.

‘You really can’t speak the volume of what it does,’ says Coun. Terry MacLeod. (Shane Hennessey/CBC)

“We’re going to go from Kensington Road to Pioneer, that will finish next year,” he said. 

“When you’re going by in a car all the time you don’t really get to see the sites and the beautiful trees.” 

MacLeod said there is a demand for the project and he hopes to get it started as soon as possible.

“I can’t wait for it to start. I can’t wait for it to be finished so people can get out and enjoy it.”

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