December 5, 2022



How Trucks Can Get Out of Control

Unless you are driving in terrible conditions or insanely fast, it is not easy to lose control of your car. In part this is because of the way in which most people drive, but there is also the way in which your car has been designed, with a focus on stability. The same however can not be said of trucks, and there are a number of reasons as to why they get out of control on the road. You only need to speak to a truck accident lawyer to find out just what damage an out of control truck can cause, but what is it that sends them out of control? Let’s take a look.

Tires Blown Out

Trucks have a huge number of wheels and tires, which are all needed in order to keep the truck stable and in control. What we often see however is that they have tire blowouts, which result in them losing control of the vehicle and ultimately crashing or coming to a standstill. In some cases these tires have not been checked properly and should never have been allowed on the road. In other cases however tires can easily be blown out if they come into contact with a sharp object on the road.

Weight Ratio

There is a certain way in which cargo should be stored at the back of a truck, in order to best manage the weight ratio of the truck. If all of the weight is on the left hand side of the truck, it is going to be very difficult to make turns at any kind of speed. The result is that the truck will push into the corner, and then fling out of the corner as the weight shifts. This can easily make trucks unsteady and difficult to drive.

High Winds

It is very rare that you will experience the dangers of high winds when you are in your motor vehicle, but those driving trucks have to be much more careful. Because of the sheer size of some of these trucks, the wind can in fact put a lot of pressure on them and push the weight of the truck to one side. The risk however is not just the wind, but its inconsistency. Truck drivers could be plain sailing one minute and then get hit with a large gust, that they will have to react to.

Impaired Drivers

And of course, we also have the option that some drivers are behind the wheel of the truck, despite being impaired. This could be as a result of fatigue from driving for too long, or it could be the result of having ingested substances of alcohol. Despite what drivers believe, these intoxicants can severely damage the driver’s ability to keep the truck under control, and many accidents are caused because of this kind of behavior.

This is exactly how those big trucks which you see on the road, can quickly get out of control.