January 31, 2023



Jacksonville transportation and city planner Calvin Burney dies

Calvin Burney, a longtime transportation and city planner who had a hand in many of Jacksonville’s largest projects — from the expansion of Mayo Clinic to St. Johns Town Center to the interstate beltway circling the quickly growing city — died March 24 after suffering a brain hemorrhage. He was 69.

His wife, Betty Burney, remembers how focused he was on his work that oversaw transportation projects across Northeast Florida.

Mr. Burney kept a notebook with him, she said, as they drove around the booming area with roads long challenged to keep up with growth.

As he took notes, he would often comment on what he saw, Betty Burney said, imitating him: “‘This needs to be changed. That needs to be changed. I told them, they needed to have a level of service A instead of level C. You see what’s happened?’”