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LeddarTech Announces a Collaborative Agreement with Flex for the Development of an Automotive Front LiDAR Solution

LeddarTech Announces a Collaborative Agreement with Flex for the Development
of an Automotive Front LiDAR Solution

QUEBEC CITY, Oct. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LeddarTech^®, a leader in Level
1-5 ADAS and  AD sensing technology,  is pleased to  announce a  collaborative
project agreement with  Flex (NASDAQ:  FLEX) for  the development  of a  LiDAR
evaluation kit  and  related service  offering  for design,  development,  and
manufacturing  of  automotive  LiDAR  sensors.   Flex  is  a  leading   global
manufacturing,  supply  chain,  and  technology  company.  The   collaborative
partnership  between  LeddarTech  and   Flex  combines  LeddarTech’s   sensing
technology and Flex  Automotive Solutions’  expertise and  design services  to
deliver optimized automotive LiDAR sensors to customers.

LeddarTech welcomes  Flex  as  a  member of  its  Leddar™  Ecosystem  team  of
technology and industry  leaders. The collaboration  combines the  flexibility
and scalability of LeddarTech’s sensing platform and ecosystem with Flex LiDAR
sensor design and manufacturing expertise tailored to customer and application
requirements. LeddarTech’s platform also includes sensor fusion and perception
software, which further supports this  collaboration by enabling customers  to
achieve optimal ADAS  & AD system  performance and costs  along with  cameras,
RADARs, and LiDAR sensors supplied by Flex.

Overall, this  cooperation provides  a viable  path to  volume deployment  for
advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD).

“Teaming up with  Flex enables  LeddarTech to offer  optimal automotive  LiDAR
solutions to  the market,”  stated Michael  Poulin, Vice-President,  Strategic
Partnerships and  Corporate Development  at  LeddarTech. He  continued:  “This
collaboration shrinks the customers’  time-to-market, and reduces  development
costs and risks while delivering the  benefits of an open platform model  with
high flexibility and opportunity for customization, differentiation, and added
value.  By   combining   Flex’s   design,   development,   and   manufacturing
capabilities, working synergistically as part of the Leddar Ecosystem, we  are
collectively  providing  all   the  key  ingredients   to  deploy  LiDAR   and
LiDAR-enabled ADAS & AD applications at scale,” Mr. Poulin concluded.

“Flex is pleased to join forces  with LeddarTech and its partners,” said  Mike
Thoeny, President of the Automotive Business Group at FLEX. “Flex is ready  to
contribute with its expertise and technology to provide the market with a  key
sensor  technology  that  potentially  can  save  lives  and  deliver  greater
convenience to vehicle owners and mobility  service users. We look forward  to
working with LeddarTech  on the  mass production of  automotive LiDAR  sensors
based on their open sensing platform.”

About Flex

Flex (Reg. No. 199002645H) is the manufacturing partner of choice that helps a
diverse customer  base  design and  build  products that  improve  the  world.
Through the collective strength of a global workforce across 30 countries  and
responsible, sustainable  operations,  Flex  delivers  technology  innovation,
supply chain,  and  manufacturing  solutions to  diverse  industries  and  end

For more information, visit

About LeddarTech

LeddarTech is  a  leader in  environmental  sensing solutions  for  autonomous
vehicles and advanced driver assistance  systems. Founded in 2007,  LeddarTech
has evolved to become a comprehensive end-to-end environmental sensing company
by enabling  customers to  solve critical  sensing and  perception  challenges
across the entire value chain of  the automotive and mobility market  segments
with its  LeddarVision™  sensor-fusion  and  perception  platform.  LeddarTech
delivers a cost-effective, scalable, and versatile LiDAR development  solution
to Tier  1-2  automotive  system  integrators that  enables  them  to  develop
automotive-grade  solid-state   LiDARs  based   on  the   foundation  of   the
LeddarEngine™. LeddarTech has  14 generations of  solid-state LiDARs based  on
the LeddarEngine platform operating 24/7 in harsh environments. This  platform
is actively deployed in autonomous shuttles, trucks, buses, delivery vehicles,
smart cities/factories, and robotaxi applications. The company is  responsible
for several innovations in cutting-edge automotive and mobility remote-sensing
applications,  with  over  95  patented  technologies  (granted  or   pending)
enhancing ADAS and autonomous driving capabilities from Level 1-5.

Additional information about  LeddarTech is  accessible at
and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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LeddarTech Inc.
Tel.: + 1-418-653-9000 ext. 232
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