December 3, 2022



Popularity – How to Use Search Engine Optimization Strategies to Attract Links

Obtaining link popularity, traffic and inbound links from the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are what every Internet marketer is out to achieve. This is because it is not only the best traffic you can obtain but best of all it is highly targeted and cheap because it is free. Attracting this traffic does require ongoing efforts in proper search engine optimization practices.

  1. You want to first conduct a little research using online tools such as the Google keyword tool to discover what the hot key words are for your niche market. You want to use these to develop the content you will write for your website and blog posts. Each bit of information you write for your blog you will want it to provide a solution to a problem your audience is experiencing.
  2. By anything your blog posts slightly so they appear to be different information and writing a new title will allow you to submit that content to article directories to obtain very high page ranking links. Once you have done this, post the information on all of your social networking sites with links back to the original article on the article directory. Because these directories routinely have page rankings of 6 or 7, your social networking page will eventually rank high for your particular keywords within the search engine directories.
  3. You want to use online tools such as HootSuite to submit each of the above pages to 25 – 30 bookmarking sites. Again these bookmarking sites usually have a very high page rank such as the article directories which ruled us provide you with higher link popularity and page ranking.

As you can see from the above three strategies they encompass both on page and off page search engine optimization. The on page methods have to do with using proper houston seo experts strategies when writing your specific content to ensure that it is attractive to the search engine spiders. The off page optimization has to do with submitting each of your website pages to the directories and bookmarking sites.

By incorporating the above simple strategies into your link popularity plan over time you will develop a higher page ranking and attract a greater amount of readers to your content.

If you are an Internet marketer who is out to attract as many prospective customers and subscribers as possible along with developing a greater presence online you need to learn as much as you can about link building and Internet marketing.

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