December 5, 2022



Prime Day 2020 car accessory deals: Dash cams, chargers and more

Amazon Prime Day is upon us once again, and of course we’ve gone ahead and curated some of the best automotive-themed deals for you so that you don’t have to mindlessly refresh the Amazon homepage.

This year, the hot items to look out for include OBD2 scanners, jumper packs, portable air compressors, detailing products and dash cams. While there are around 15 different kinds of each on offer from Amazon, we’re only selecting the ones that meet our standards. Keep an eye on this page as we’ll be updating it throughout Prime Day, which is actually a two-day event.


The NOCO GeniusBoost Plus GB40 offers 1,000 amps of cranking power for under $100. That’s not bad for something that claims to be able to crank over up to a 6-liter gasoline engine or a 3-liter diesel. Now, thanks to Prime Day, this thing is only going to set you back $69.


Next up on the NOCO food chain is the GB50. This little powerhouse offers up 1,500 amps of cranking power which NOCO claims is enough for a 7-liter gas engine or a 4-liter diesel. The GB50 is usually $150 but during Prime Day it’s knocked down to just $104.


The next step up is the GB70 — the model that we feel is the sweet spot in the Genius Boost Plus range — which offers 2,000 cranking amps. NOCO claims this will spin over an 8-liter gasoline engine or a 6-liter diesel. More accurately, this thing will crank your normal passenger car over regardless of how cold it is, and it’ll do it for longer. Normally the GB70 retails for $200, but now you can get it for $126 which is a stellar deal, no matter how you slice it.


If you find yourself regularly needing to start boats or construction equipment or ultra-high-compression racing engines — or you just like overkill — then you should look at the GB150. This little monster will output 4,000 cranking amps which should be good enough to spin over a 10-liter-plus gasoline engine or a 10-liter diesel. It’s on sale now for $210, well down from its usual $300 asking price.

Don’t get stuck in the cold

Listen, folks, it’s already mid-October, which means that November and December are right around the corner. For people in many areas of the country that means plunging temperatures and, subsequently, dead batteries. Long gone are the days, though, where you had to carry a big jump pack in your trunk or rely on the kindness of strangers with some jumper cables. Now we have lithium-ion jumper packs that fit in your glovebox and can start just about anything.

We’ve got plenty more amazing Amazon Prime Day deals coming throughout the two-day-long event, so keep refreshing this page for more cool stuff!

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