January 29, 2023



Public Transportation Stimulus: How to get your $150 transit payments?

There is good news on the horizon for thousands of citizens in Los Angeles, United States, as they will receive some financial help from the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to pay for the cost of transit.

There will be payments of $150 each month sent out to thousands of people as part of a new program introduced by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

They are keen to expand electric car and bike sharing, car charging stations, shuttle services in South LA, and they also want to improve pedestrian walkways.

“When people’s right to movement is restricted, their personal health and wellbeing, productivity and belonging, and happiness are negatively affected,” read the mission statement.

The area that the project would take place in is home to over 370,000 people, with 29 percent of the households falling below the poverty line. Of the residents in question, more than six percent do not own a vehicle, while 20 percent rely on public transport or bikes in order to travel to and from work.

Therefore, in order to try and improve the transit system in this area, the City of Los Angeles is pumping 17.8 million dollars into the Universal Basic Mobility pilot to help improve the current systems that are in place.

The $150 transit cards

There are expected to be 2,000 South LA residents who meet the requirements for the $150 monthly mobility wallets, which will allow them to pay electronically to ride transit.

This will be an extension of LA’s Transit Access Pass card, and it can be used on rail and bus fares, in addition to electric vehicle rentals, on-demand shuttles, e-bikes, and e-scooters.

The application process will open later in 2022, with payments expected to start from early 2023.

Over the course of the year, eligible recipients will be able to save $1,800 as part of the one-year pilot scheme. The requirements have not yet been disclosed, however.