December 8, 2022



What Car Are You Sick of Seeing Everywhere?

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Photo: Kevauto via Wikimedia Commons

There is at least one model of a vehicle that is just everywhere, and when you see it, you just cannot understand why it is there or simply just, exists. For me, what comes to mind is a light-brown [Ed. note: “Sand”] Chevy Equinox. They are everywhere, and I’ve decided they are my sworn enemy. I think everyone needs a good enemy; someone to make them strive to be better. Someone to conquer. For me, that’s the hatefully-boring Equinox.

Clearly no one listens to me though, as they are absolutely everywhere. I can’t leave my apartment without seeing at least one Equinox with it’s dumb face just staring back at me. They are stalking me. They are everywhere, and I am SICK of it.

Apologies for the small rant, but they really just get me going, those Equinoxes (Equini?).

Anyway, we want to know what vehicle you are sick of seeing, and why you’re sick of seeing it. This is your safe space to rant. It can be for any reason: too common, too boring, too Chevy Trax-ish or too pointless, just to name a few. Your options are limitless. Hell, it can be absolutely arbitrary. Like I said, everyone needs an enemy, and not everyone’s got a reason for having one. There are no wrong answers, unless you say the BMW Z4. In that case you are very wrong.

Some great, non-Equinox, examples of cars you should be sick of would be stuff like the Nissan Altima, BMW X1, Buick Encore, Ford Escape and VW Tiguan. Maybe there’s too much hate in my heart, or maybe they deserve to be despised. All of these cars are so bland and mundane I cannot help but be sick of them – and they are everywhere.

So let us know down below, what car are you absolutely sick of seeing – and why?