January 31, 2023



What’s The Best Automotive Inline-Six Engine Ever Made?

Last week we asked you about the best four-cylinder engine to ever be made and you had a lot of interesting answers. Of course, the humble four-cylinder is far from the most lauded engine type in existence so we thought we’d continue down the line. Today, we’re wondering what you think the best inline-six engine is.

It’s one of the oldest engine designs and has been used in just about every kind of vehicle ever made. No joke, the very first inline-six was made in 1903 by Spyker – yes, that Spyker! In fact, it came in a car they called the 60HP which also demonstrated the world’s first 4WD system and four-wheel-braking system.

You probably noticed that we’re paring this down to automotive engines only so don’t tell us about how great the Liberty L-6 was or try to argue that the Chrysler A57 multibank deserves special mention.

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This isn’t to say that some old vehicles don’t deserve consideration here. The Ford 300 cubic-inch straight-six bolstered the F-Series pickup from the 1960s all the way through into the 1990s. Would the most popular vehicle in America be able to claim that if the 300 hadn’t been so reliable and capable?

No doubt, capability is a key factor in many inline-sixes. The 4.0-liter version that Jeep made for so long is one of the most unkillable engines ever made. Still, some performance cars lean heavily on some of the most famous versions of the platform to go fast and destroy tires.

The Toyota Supra (new and old), the E46 BMW M3, and the TVR Tuscan all use stout inline-sixes and could lay claim to the title. So you tell us, which one of these magnificent beasts deserves the trophy? Perhaps you think it’s something totally skipped over here. Let us know in the comments below what it is and why it deserves the win.