December 3, 2022



Why optimize and install new firmware in your Audi?

Software updates happen to bring a lot of interesting features or improvements, usually. Whether it’s updating your smartphone or the vehicle you drive every day, it’s worth the procedure. Why?

Audi Firmware update

The manufacturer with the distinctive four rings in its logo has shown for many years that it takes the issue of firmware in its vehicles seriously. Audi has implemented many interesting innovations that have made a big difference in the automotive world.

Without a doubt, it can be said that the “advancement through technology” slogan that the company emphasized heavily in its marketing message some time ago is more than just empty words. The company is really doing a great job and brings vehicle upgrades to a whole new, very high level.

As of today, you can buy Audi MMI updates for the vast majority of popular cars, including Audi A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, as well as for A3, Q5 and Q7. What is important, in our offer you can order all types of Audi MMI updates, so 2G, 3G and Mib1. We offer purchase of firmware for different regions where the company operates, including, of course, Europe.

The updates not only offer new Audi features, but also support communication with other manufacturers’ devices, including those from Apple and Google: Audi Android Auto and Audi Apple CarPlay. Modifications also include Bluetooth interfaces.

So, you can see quite clearly that the number of interesting solutions that the new Audi firmware updated brings is significant. Importantly, this is not just a good idea for people who are hoping for interesting solutions from Audi. This is a very significant aspect of vehicle safety and digital hygiene.

For many years there has been a race between thieves and software manufacturers. If you get left behind, you are asking for trouble yourself, because there may be a situation where the version of software you are currently using is vulnerable to some form of attack by cybercriminals, and the manufacturer has released a patch that you don’t even know about. This is another important advantage of Audi MMI update.

Quick and safe 

Installing the MMI firmware is very simple and requires neither a lot of time nor technical expertise. One might be tempted to say that all you need is an SD card and an hour of free time to enjoy the new software version from Audi.

We always include a tutorial, but if anything goes wrong, there’s nothing stopping you from asking for help from an electromechanic you trust. Our company also has an in-house support team that is happy to solve your problems and guide you through the process, step by step.

Firmware? Only original!

On the market you can find many sellers who trade firmware that is, indeed, released by Audi, but does not always coincide with the region for which you want to purchase the firmware.

This can lead to a dangerous situation, when unaware of the potential problems, you install for example a version of firmware that was intended for the Middle East or Asia. It is enough to mistakenly change the language settings and suddenly you can get into trouble.

Undoing damage caused by inappropriate firmware can already generate a lot of costs. It is better to avoid them by deciding to use the offer of a producer who perfectly knows whether he sells software dedicated to Europe or to the United States.

In our store we not only give you access to a wide range of firmware which is designed strictly for your car, but also to technical support which, if necessary, will guide you through the whole process of Audi MMI update. We are distinguished by our comprehensive approach to customers and at every stage of the transaction – from choosing the right MMI version – to starting the vehicle after the update, you can count on our assistance.